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LNP_9247317 Linden Street Apartments

The property at 317 Linden Street has gone through some major transformations over the past 100 years. The front part of the building that currently houses Scanlon’s Restaurant has a unique history of being an orhafinige that was run by the nuns at the neighboring St Peters Cathedral. Cher the famous singer & film actress was one of the orphans that once lived at the property. The rear part of the structure that was constructed at a much later date was last used as an Industrial Laundry Facility. The previous owner was doing major renovations to the two structures when a Fire broke out in 2008. His intensions were to convert the former laundry facility into modern spacious lofts for the new medical students that were entering the downtown housing market. The fire damage was so significant that the building had to be demolished and modular construction was determined to be the most feasible and timely means of redevelopment. The construction of the new apartments also ran into delays and students didn’t move into the property until 2010. Due to low occupancy rates and financial problems the developer walked away from the project. In August of 2013 Donald Mammano of DFM Properties purchased the property with intentions to renovate the property to better capture the market of the medical and graduate students looking to live downtown. The property was constructed as 32 apartments consisting of 4 & 3 bedroom suites. The property has been totally reconfigured and now has a perfect mix of apartments sizes to meet all graduate and young professionals housing needs. The building now has 56 apartments consisting of 1,2,3 & 4 bedroom apartments.