Pet Policy

317 Linden Apartments LLC welcomes residents wishing to bring their pets to the building. Residents are required to thoroughly read, understand and abide by the rules outlined in the Pet Policy/Lease.


Download the full PDF version of our Pet Policy.


There is a non-refundable pet fee of $250.00 & a monthly fee as follows: $25.00 per month for dog/cat. All pet owners must annually register their pet with the Landlord and the City of Scranton before the pet is allowed on the premises.


Acceptable pets include dogs, cats, birds, small caged mammals, and fish. The size of any one animal is at the owner's discretion. Requests to keep pets of any other type must be presented to Landlord in writing. The Landlord reserves the right to deem any animal unacceptable for the renting situation.


Residents are responsible for the cleanliness and control of their pet, and any damage or injured sustained by the pet. The resident acknowledges and agrees that resident is responsible to reimburse the Landlord for the total amount of damage, if any, caused by the resident’s pet.


Residents are responsible to keep their pets on leashes when on out property, outside and inside the building. We realize that most of you have friendly pets, however the leash rule applies to ALL dogs on our property. Not all tenants are comfortable with dogs running up to them and other tenant’s dogs may not welcome another dog running up to them. It is for everyone’s safety that the leash rule is enforced.

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