"Living at 317 Linden is a great opportunity for anyone living in the area. Not only are the apartments in walking distance for all of the scranton hot spots, but they also offer a quiet environment for those looking to relax and catch up on work in the comfort of there own home. The section of scranton is extremely safe even at late hours, but if that's not enough the thoughtful owners of 317 have taken extensive actions to provide the latest security systems to the apartments. Not only are all apartments equipped with keyless entry, but all common areas are under video surveillance. So even if you aren't home you know your home will be safe. I was one of the first tenants to move into the new half of 317 and not only are they constantly improving but all of the construction is done with the tenants in mind. They common areas are always kept clean and free from clutter. 317 is also a just a brisk walk away from the University of Scranton which is perfect for students who need to commute to class everyday. I am very pleased with my choice in 317 Linden. All of the units are very modern and perfect for anyone looking for a new space."

- Aaron S.

Linden-47"What we like about living here, it is convenient to all the things we like to do, shop, socialize, dine, walk the town, and attend many of the activities that go on/in the downtown area

The other renters are friendly, the workers are efficient, polite, the cleaning staff keep the common areas clean, if any repairs are needed, the staff takes care of it quickly.

We have a laundry room, with plenty of machines and are clean, and a very nice resting area to sit and read or relax while your wash is being complete.

They łare in the process of making a recreational area, hoping it will be complete before winter sets in so we can continue to do our daily exercise like walking.

We are very happy with our choice to move here at 317 Linden Street Apartments."

- Art and Jean D.

Linden-34"I came across 317 Linden St. Apartments when I was looking for a safe, clean apartment to live in during graduate school. The apartments have a
great downtown location, convenient parking options, and a close proximity to several colleges and universities in the area. I was very impressed by the quality of the apartments, affordable rent, and building security.As a young female student working late hours on campus, it was very important to me that I have a close parking spot and felt safe coming home alone after dark.

The manager of the apartments worked with me to make sure that I felt comfortable and had what I needed. It has been a pleasure to live in these apartments and I have felt very much at home here. I have found the other tenants to be respectful and welcoming._ The main lobby and hallways are decorated seasonally, cleaned regularly, and kept secure. My maintenance needs have been taken care of in a timely fashion and it is never hard to get in touch with the manager when you need her. She is a constant friendly presence in the building and can be seen in her office on a regular basis. I will continue to recommend this apartment building to anyone looking for a great place in the downtown Scranton area."

- Sara M.

Linden-52"When asked why I love living at 317, I could think of many reasons. I love the atmosphere of the building and how friendly the people who live here are.

I also really like how I have been able to see the development of the building and all the stuff that has been added. 317 is a welcoming environment and has had a lot of potential.

I'm excited to live here for another year and see everything that will evolve in this building."

- Kelsey S.